November  3
Unity and Diversity in the 21st Century
The Reverend Mark Kiyimba
The Reverend Mark Kiyimba is founder of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kampala, Uganda, which helps to run a school for children who have lost parents to HIV and AIDS.   He will be available in the Great Hall after the service for questions and conversation.

November 10
Members and friends of the UU Jazz Jam, Stephanie Toggerson, and the Reverend Janet C. Bush
This music-filled service is an invitation to meditate on the power and practice of listening, setting a mood for the home gathering lunch conversations that will follow.  Built around music provided by the UU Jazz Jam ensemble, it will include a demonstration of “conduction” directed by Bob Weiner, a well-known local drummer.  We'll hear music improvised in the moment without written notation, demanding that the musicians and singers listen, respond, and take risks extemporaneously being themselves in musical conversation.  Please come, whether or not you are able to attend one of the gatherings. 

November 17
Ways of Seeing
The Reverend Janet C. Bush
A meditation on vision, envisioning, and the wonders of the visual arts.

November 26
The Three Sisters – A Service for All Ages
The Reverend Janet C. Bush and Jessica Harwood
Our Thanksgiving service will be inspired by native American stories of cooperation and of sharing the harvest’s bounty. 

Cancellation of Sunday Services
 In the event that Sunday services need to be cancelled, an announcement will be sent via email and will be posted on the Society's website.  In addition, the office phone message will be updated (by 8:00 AM Sunday morning) and television stations WWLP (Channel 22) and WGGB (Channel 40) will be notified.  It is recommended that you check at least 2 of these sources (e.g., you will not get the recorded phone message if the building is without power).  The decision to cancel services will be made no later than 7:30 AM on the Sunday in question.