Masks are optional during services. ~ Masks-required section is available.

All are welcome to attend USNF services in person in the Great Hall or virtually via Zoom or the USNF YouTube channel.

We have a clearly marked "mask-required" section of the Great Hall, which is reserved for people who prefer to sit among others who wear masks. 

Mask-wearing is optional in the rest of the space.  A supply of masks is on hand at the entrance.

For the sake of everyone's health, we encourage people to stay home and attend remotely if they are feeling sick.
To attend remotely: Join the services on Zoom.  To view recorded services, visit the USNF YouTube channel.


Our Covid Response Team will continue to monitor local conditions and CDC guidance and will make adjustments as they seem appropriate and consisent with our Guiding Principles.

Guiding Principles

  • Remaining an inclusive and welcoming multigenerational community.  

  • Showing care and compassion.

  • Asking for trust that we are working towards decisions based on the best guidance we have at the moment.

  • Being transparent when we don't have answers; seeking patience in response.

  • Ongoing assessment of community risk data and commitment to adapt our plan as risk increases or decreases.

  • Trying to protect the health and safety of all based on current medical and scientific research, guidance from the CDC, the state of Massachusetts and our unique culture as a faith community. 

  • Engaging in practices that protect the most vulnerable, given that some of us are unable to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

  • Protecting access for all: This means that while we introduce in-person gatherings thoughtfully, we also create avenues of engagement online for those who cannot be present in person.