USNF School of Wizardry Summer Zoom Program 

Learn about UU values in a world of magic, wizardry, and fun!

We are excited to offer the USNF School of Wizardry in collaboration with the UU Church of Fort Meyers! This term, our course is offered via distance learning since wizards are just as invested in health and safety as muggles are.

School of Wizardry Registration
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This summer program begins on Monday, June 29th and ends on Friday, July 3rd. Each day, there is a morning (9-11a) and afternoon (1-3p) Zoom session. The expectation is that all wizarding students attend both sessions each day, but accommodations can be made and some elements will be optional for younger students. Curriculum Information. 

Please complete the registration form in its entirety for each student you wish to enroll.  Space is limited to 45 students this term and registration will be closed on June 1.
Students will receive a wizarding package 1 week prior to the start of camp for use during the week. The cost of the program is $100, scholarships are available. Payments must be made by check by June 15.
If you need help finding a device and internet access, we can try to help out. 

create nodeStudents are invited to select their desired course of study at the School of Wizardry. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor each student's first choice and will fill the courses on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that our youngest campers will all attend the Primary Wizardry course.

This year, the courses offered will be:
Primary Wizardry - wizarding basics offered in engaging ways.
Spellwork - this course focuses on potions, magic, and making things happen.
Adventuring - a course offering chances to create and explore in the Wizarding World.

For Youth 14+, they are invited to volunteer as ghosts. School of Wizardry Ghost Application