How Do We Stay Connected to Unitarian Universalism this summer?

This summer, USNF will be offering all sorts of ways for kids and youth to stay connected to each other and to our congregation. We are kicking off the summer with the School of Wizardry, with 38 kids enrolled in our North Campus! I am so grateful to all the youth and adults in the congregation who have volunteered to make this program possible; we have 20 “faculty members”!thumbnail Flowers USNF 7

While these are all important ways for kids to stay engaged with our community and their values, we are also hoping that families will carve out some time together to connect with Unitarian Universalism. We have prepared a list of hymns, book lists, and activities: Summer Family Activity Resources. Here is a taste of what you could do together:

Listen and sing together! 

Music is a powerful way to connect with each other and to change your mindset. The resource list has a variety of options, including Come Sing a Song with Me sung by Emma, our new early childhood educator, or We’ll Build A Land by Ruby, one of our Junior Youth RE teachers. Make it a habit of listening to these songs and hymns. 

Family Activities

The Summer Family Activity list includes 15 suggestions for activities to do together, from simple things, like lighting a chalice, to actions you can take for racial justice. There are rituals you could try out regularly over the summer, like creating wish cards with words like love, hope, joy that you can choose or gift to each other every morning. You will find activities that you might choose to do just once, like art activities related to the UU principles. 

What will next year look like? 

Like so many things, we aren’t sure! However, we want to provide community, support, play, connection, and inspiration for kids, youth, and families. 

Please weigh in with your interests and ideas for the upcoming year: USNF Fall 2020 Brainstorm. We want to make sure to help your family stay engaged and connected if we continue to be virtual. 

We have had some great ideas already about what would help and engage families, from monthly packets to family-based activities that happen over Zoom (but interactions happen within the family -- off Zoom) to parent and child book clubs. 

Grades 5-8 will likely participate in a Neighboring Faiths curriculum to explore different denominations, virtually visit houses of worship, and learn more about UUism as a faith. 

However, we would love to offer a variety of programs that would interest students of all ages. We would also love to make sure that you, as parents & caregivers, are getting what you need.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Jessica with questions, ideas, or feedback: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.