Generosity Everyday

When the 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism are translated into “kid language” the second principle is “Be Kind in All You Do.” This is a lofty goal for kids --- and folks of all ages for that matter! As we explore the theme of Generosity this month, it is a great time to work together as a family to cultivate kindness in our gifts, our actions, and interactions. kelly sikkema XX2WTbLr3r8 unsplash

You can notice together all of the acts of kindness that you take part in or witness. Talk about how it feels to give a gift and how it feels to receive a gift. What is the best gift you have received? What makes a gift meaningful? If you did not need to worry about money, what gifts would you get for others?

Consider how you can give to others without needing to spend money. What does it feel like to do something for other people? Brainstorm together different things you can do for each other, for friends, or for other people in your community and try to intentionally do something generous together once a week. 

Donating money, food, and used items is a meaningful practice for young people. Perhaps it is time to sort through books and clothes to donate items that you are not using anymore. The holiday card fundraiser was a great success and the kids were so proud to be able to support causes that they care deeply about. The students raised over $300, which they are donating to the Holyoke Soldier’s Home, Grove St. Inn, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Northampton Survival Center, Muddy Brook Farm, Endangered Species Coalition, and Hampshire HOPE. Some families have a donation jar to which everyone contributes and then chooses a cause to send the money to when it is full. 

Offering gratitude is a generous act. Practice truly thanking each other for all that you do to contribute to each others’ lives. We are grateful for all that each of you brings to our RE program!