Register for 2024-2025 RE Programs

Summer Schedule

Collaborative PaintingOver the summer, there is all ages childcare on Sundays from 10-11 am when there is in-person worship. Sign your child(ren) in downstairs and they will explore and play together. Summer programming is fun and relaxed, giving participants an opportunity to build relationships and community.
We look forward to seeing you on any and all Sundays between July 14 and September 1, with the exception of August 11, when we will meet at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary for games, hikes, and discussion groups for all ages. The regular program year begins on September 8. 


Sept-June Sunday Morning Schedule: crawling babies through 12th grade 

  • Early Childhood: Play, Songs, Stories, & UU Principles - 10 - 11 am, downstairs. 
  • Elementary: Spiritual & Social Justice Activities - 10 - 11 am, start in the service & pick up downstairs. 
  • Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education: Grades K-1 (Oct-Dec) and Grades 10-12 (Winter/ Spring, 2025)
  • Coming of Age: Grades 8-10, 2-3 times per month
  • Mindfulness for Teens: Grades 10-12, Oct-Nov

Youth Group (grades 9-12). 

  • Youth Group meets 1-3 times per month.

Family Gatherings

  • Adult connection & child/ youth playPhoto of children playing in the woods
  • Social justice discussions & actions 
  • Service Projects
  • Fun!

Other Offerings

  • Quarterly Care Packages
  • Community Dinners