Board of Trustees Report November 2021

We are on our way into a year of strengthening our congregation and widening our circle of concern and connection. Because of your commitment, financial generosity, and assistance with critical tasks and roles, we have started this church year on a strong footing. 

Moving to hybrid services has been quite successful with only occasional technical glitches. Providing combined high-quality online and in-person services is no small feat. Thank you to the Transition the Team, Security Team, the Tech and Sound teams, the service volunteers, singers, RE volunteers, the House and Property Committee, Janet and Jessica, and all of you who have contributed to planning and making these services happen.  

We are grateful to the Widening the Circle Steering Committee for preparing us to take up the challenges presented in the June 2020 UUA report called Widening the Circle of Concern. The report advocates advancing “long-term cultural and institutional changes that represent the promise and ideals of Unitarian Universalism.” It takes up the cause of ending all forms of oppression and all vestiges of systemic racism and white supremacy culture in the UUA in keeping with the work of our own abolitionist forebears. The Board had the opportunity to begin to engage in earnest in this work at its retreat at the end of October. Many of you have now participated in this process through our congregational gatherings on November 7. This work will continue. 

The Board received a proposal from the Forbes Library via Russ Carrier to transfer documents from the Free Congregational Society of Florence in our possession to the Forbes Library. Also proposed was a transfer of the portrait of Charles Burleigh for cleaning and then display at Forbes. The Board will consider the comments, questions, and thoughtful suggestions received from members of the congregation as we consider this proposal. You may still weigh on this by emailing your input to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submitted by Ed Olmstead, VP