Lay Led Summer Worship
All summer services start at 10 AM

August 20 - Atheism and Mortality
Dr. Marty Nathan

Physician and author Marty Nathan is both a prominent social activist and a life-long atheist. Marty's first husband, Dr. Michael Nathan, was slain by members of the KKK and American Nazi Party during a civil rights protest in 1979. Recently, Marty has faced her own mortality after several frightening medical diagnoses. These traumatic events made her ponder her beliefs about God, an afterlife and the value of her own life. Ultimately they refueled her commitment to love, joy, social justice and the fight for a sustainable climate.  Featuring guest musician Celtic harpist and composer Rosie Caine.

August 27 - Annual Poetry Service
Words Without Songs
Sarah Metcalf

Poetry, a verbal music, that praises the power and plangency of its sister art.

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